9.11.12 – World Trade Center – 12 Years Later

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by Sarah A Thrifty Mom

12 Years later and there has been a lot of progress both in the building and in our lives.

9 – 11 Flag

Last year we traveled to New York for business. Our first stop there was to the 9/11 Memorial. It was raining and cloudy that day, which actually set the mood. The mood of honor, somber, reflection and inner searching. After seeing what happened on TV on that day and to actually be there really made you think!

The Survivor Tree is and was the last living thing pulled from the fiery rubble. After all the human survivors were taken away from the scene of tragedy – it was the Survivor Tree that was the last living thing to be unearthed from the rubble. And along the side (left side as you see it in the photo) Are scars up and down the tree!

It was so nice to see the construction works to hang flags on their buildings they were working on. The flags were hanging everywhere!

Want to see what the tower looks like today?

Click Image to view World Trade Center Live Camera

Click Image to view World Trade Center Live Camera

Where were you?

I was a newly wed. We had just woke up to get ready for our jobs together at a local dealership. I thought it was some kind of story on the radio. Till I heard the local DJ start to cry, I knew it was real. We jumped out of bed and turned on the TV. We stood there in amazement. My mouth was wide open. I saw the first building burning. We sat on the floor and totally forgot about work. We watched the second plane hit. I can’t describe the feeling I felt. I felt my country become violated. To be hit like that on our own soil. I thought that this didn’t happen in our country. I have never been to New York City. But I stood there with extreme sorrow for those who were there. And still do.

Where were you when the world stop turning – Alan Jackson

Heather Martin – When are you coming home.

In the Arms of Angels – Sarah McLachlan

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Such a terrible false-flag. RIP to the victims.


I remember that day vividly. It started out like any other. I got ready for work, buckled my baby daughter into her car seat, and off we went. I didn't turn on the TV or radio, so I had no idea what was taking place. After dropping off my daughter at her daycare in the downtown Boise area, I headed south on 9th street to work. As those of you living in the Boise area know, 9th becomes Capital and then becomes Vista, so I was heading straight towards the airport. Ahead of me I noticed a big humongous jumbo jet coming in for a landing. I see planes come and go every day, but this one was particularly noticeable because it was so gigantic. Big humongous jumbo jets do not normally land in Boise. Unaware that all planes in the US had been ordered to land, still oblivious to what was transpiring, I contined to work and went inside. There, my co-workers were crowded around a small TV, watching in disbelief. Throughought the morning it was difficult to pull away from the TV and actually focus on work, so by noon I decided leave. I just wanted to be with my baby. I picked her up and went home, where I spent the rest of the day watching the news coverage on TV and snuggling with her. I just wanted to scoop her up and never let go. Life changed that day.


I remember exactly where I was. I was at my Mama's, on the computer. Someone came online & said something had happened in NYC to one of the twin towers. I ran to the TV & saw the second plane hit. I remember being in shock. I thought the world was coming to an end. The world as we knew it, really did come to an end that day. I stayed in front of the TV all day long watching & crying. I didn't know anyone that lost their life that day, but the pain I felt & still feel was/is equally the same as if I had known them. I was devastated, I am still devastated. My thoughts and prayers go out to all the families that lost a loved one on that horrible day.

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