All Gave Some – Some Gave All

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One of our readers recently posted a comment on our site. You can read it further in this post. It was in response to a video I had posted a few days ago. In the video it showed a elderly man driving his grandsons to a old time black and white movie showing the WWII video footage. If you haven’t seen it you really should take the time.

On our trip to Green Giant we saw young soldiers leaving loved ones to head to the battle in Afghanistan. All too often we pass by individuals how we see every day and forget why they are doing what they do. It is all too easy to become numb to what happened in the past. So often you come across young groups who think the horrible things of the Holocaust never really happened. I am sure in the near future some one will say that even 9/11 never happened. As youth grow up in a new world and the past becomes stories in a book many of the emotions that those who have lived through it will become personal thoughts and experiences.

So to help these emotions and feelings we all had who watched the towers on 9/11 fall, or those who lived through tragic storms or other life altering experiences, let us find ways to give back. Turn those emotions into a service to help. Even if you were never there, or never lived through times like that, try and do something you wouldn’t of done.

Here is Jan’s comment from the post we previously posted on:

I personally believe everyone 10 years of age and up can do some kind of community service and I ask the question all the time/ What do you do for community service many young adults just stare at me.
If you know how to babysit even if your too young to stay by yourself with the baby offer a young Mom in your neighborhood your help even one day a month is a massive break! Just hold the baby for a little while so she can get something else done.
If your into yard work pull a few weeds for a Senior who lives close by. Offer to help carry in the groceries. Spread salt on a side walk in winter. How hard would it be for a 10 year old to help with some of these tasks. Plus you build work skills for later in life. Everyone should give back!


So what can you do? Can you give some or all? What are some ideas we can share with each other?