Menu Plan 1/16~ How to feed your family well, on a budget

01/16/2012 2:51 pm · 5 comments

by Sarah A Thrifty Mom

What is on a the menu at our house?

I get an email at least once a week asking me what I feed my family. Most of them are  just wanting to learn how to cross over from the habit of shopping daily for that days menu plan.  While others are convinced we eat  nothing but processed food.  They see the photos of what I buy that week and can not seem to wrap their brain around the idea of cooking from that weeks promo items and your stockpile.

Some of you “type A” personality’s  are much more organized than me, and I am sure there is a rotation chart or something fancy that would make menu planning easier.  But I do what works for me, I plan my meals around the fresh promo items that I get that week.  As well as what I get in my Bountiful Basket that week.  I then use my food storage or stockpile items, as well as freezer items to plan my meals.

Being that I do not write my menu out a week in advance  I am sharing last weeks menu with you!  Hope it helps you understand that eating from your stockpile can be made a way of life,  is both rewarding and thrifty!


  • late breakfast/ early lunch- Blueberry Waffles and bananas and grapes
  • Dinner- Left over Mongolian BBQ Noodles from the night before


  • Breakfast- Cheesy Grits and Orange Juice
  • Lunch- Tuna Sandwich, Pickles, apple slices and corn chips
  • Dinner- Sweet Shredded Pork Tacos



  • Breakfast- Hot oatmeal
  • Lunch-Avocados and corn chips , grapes
  • Dinner- I was teaching a coupon class so Matt and the kids ordered Pizza 🙂




  •  breakfast-Banana Cream Cheese Muffins,
  • Lunch Cheese quesadilla, Watermelon
  • Dinner- Oven roasted chicken breast on top of a green tossed salad, with red onions, carrots, crasins,  apples, and mushrooms.

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THe hawaiian Haystacks~DId you use the recipe I submitted? If you did what did you guys think? If not what recipe did you use?

katherine parsons
katherine parsons

thank you for sharing your menu. I am learning to eat/ cook from my small stock pile which includes meats i get on sale and buy in bulk. my hubby bought me a vacuum packer when they first came out - he complained about spending $100 on it - it has proven quite the money saver over the years especially since I discovered your website. my grocery bill has gone from $120 per week for two people to reasonably $35-$75 per week (most weeks) I still havent built my stockpile to where I would like it to be and some weeks cost me that $120 but overall I just cant beat the savings. and i would like to add that my menu has become much more diverse than ever before, I have discovered i'm not a bad cook....


For those fun pizza nights....Domino's has a program called "Dough Raisers". Through my daughters JROTC corp, we sold cards for $10 that had 10 different BOGO. Makes for a more affordable fun night! But, I'm sure Matt used a coupon for the pizza.


This line, "I was teaching a coupon class to Matt and the kids ordered Pizza" really made me smile. I know what you meant, but it's much better the way you wrote it. :)

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