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by Sarah A Thrifty Mom

French Dip Sandwich recipe made in the crockpot, topped with horseradish white cheddar #CrockPotRecipe, #FrenchDip, #Cheese, #albertsonsThis is one of my favorite meals and it is so easy!  I always stock up on roast beef when it comes on sale at Albertsons.  My favorite cut of meat to use is eye  round roast… but any cut will work for this recipe. This recipe can easily be made for a small or large group! Put it in the crock pot in the morning and 8 hours later you have fall apart, tender meat!


In your crock pot add your frozen roast beef, ( any size)

Add one package dry italian seasoning salad dressing packet ( about 2 tables spoons if you buy in bulk)

Add enough water to cover up 3/4 the meat, one cup at a time

For every cup of water add one beef bouillon cube

I normal add about 5 cups of water and 5 beef bouillon cubesIMG_1036(In this photo I had not added all the water yet, make sure it covers 3/4 of the meat)

Cook on high for 4 hours, then flip meat over and turn on low for 4 hours.  Pull the meat out and let it rest for about 20 minutes and then shred with a fork, it will just fall apart.  We eat ours with a little shredded cheese on top and  horseradish.  Use the drippings to dip your sandwich in.  Enjoy!IMG_1053

I have discovered this New Bridge Horseradish White Cheddar cheese, it is found in the specialty cheese section at Albertsons. It has the smooth creamy cheddar but with the kick of horseradish even my kids like it on their french dip sandwich.  It is an easy way to change your sandwich and make it taste like it came right from a gourmet sandwich shop.  Next time you are at the store look for this and other specialty cheeses to spice up your sandwich.  French Dip Sandwich recipe made in the crockpot, topped with horseradish white cheddar #CrockPotRecipe, #FrenchDip, #Cheese, #albertsons

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A Thrifty Mom
A Thrifty Mom

I am eating it for lunch right now..... its pretty awesome. Makes a great left overs


This looks soo good. I love french dips and never thought to make them myself. My Husband doesn't care for roast with veggies that much but LOVES dips! I'm going to try to make this tomorrow.


I would love to do this! I've done it before with roast beef sandwich meat, but that can get expensive. What do you consider a good price for roast beef? Thanks!


I love a good French Dip. I've never tried to make one at home. Thank you for sharing this, I will definetely try it.

Ali Smith
Ali Smith

Yum! I noticed you said "frozen" roast, I am curious if you recommend it to be frozen over fresh? And if using fresh, how long should it be cooked? Thanks!

A Thrifty Mom
A Thrifty Mom

Jane albertsons has it on sale off and on for $1.88 that is when I stock up

A Thrifty Mom
A Thrifty Mom

Ali if it is fresh...cook on low for 6 hours

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