Vampire Donuts with Fangs ~ A Quick and Easy Treat For Halloween

10/18/2013 5:00 pm · 25 comments

by Sarah A Thrifty Mom

vanpire donuts, such a FUN but SIMPLE treat idea that is sure to make your kids smile #Halloween #TreatIdeas

Are you looking for a fun treat idea to bring to your kids school or a Halloween party?  My mother-in-law made these for my kids and they absolutely adored them. In fact 6 year old squealed with joy when she opened the lid of the donut box and saw these looking back at her.

All you need is

  • Donuts (or bagels if your trying to go low sugar)
  • Chocolate chips
  • vanpire teeth

Simple as that you have a treat that is sure be a hit!

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Jessica Rankie
Jessica Rankie

Felisha Fraser CAN WE MAKE THESE?!?!?!!!&4&'rkfjjr;&;&jdjbfbrjjbgd

Marilyn Felten
Marilyn Felten

i donut want to make them but i do want to eat them

Kirie'l Johnson
Kirie'l Johnson

I clicked on the link for the teeth and it just went straight to the amazon homepage. The only edible vampire fangs on amazon are the red lip wax ones. Unless these don't use edible teeth?

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