11 Things you need to know BEFORE you use Fireworks

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Fireworks are a lot of fun but they can also be very dangerous. As a little girl I was terrified of them, because I had one spin across the ground and burn my foot. It was not bad, but enough to scare me and I get a lump in my stomach when I see fireworks going off.

Here are some easy tips to help your 4th of July be a little safer as your family celebrates and lights of fireworks.

1- When you light sparklers for your kids, stick the sparkler into the end of a large solo cup. This will help your child’s arm from getting burnt with the sparks from the sparkler. You can watch a video on how to do this here. 

2- Talk to your child BEFORE you light the sparkler about what is going to happen so they do not freak out once it starts to spark, and drop the sparkler.

3- Have an “after plan” on what to do with the HOT metal sparkler stick.  We always have a metal bucket for the kids to put their hot wire in. If they just drop it on the ground there is a good chance someone will step on it and burn their foot. Or it can land in dry grass and become a fire hazard.  Talking about what and where to put the hot stick at the end helps prevent this. Sparklers can reach 1,800°F (982°C), yikes that is hot enough to melt gold.

4- Before you let your child use a sparkler, pull their hair back and away from their face. Also talk to your child about holding their arm out AWAY from their face and hair.

5- Avoid areas with dry grass, dry leaves or lots of litter that might catch on fire.

6- Staying away from cars, lawn movers or other items with gas tanks is always a good idea too.

7- Do NOT put used fireworks into a garbage can. They might spark and set the other items in the can on fire. We always  put them a metal bucket, and soak them with water, then the NEXT day put them in the large trash can away from the house.

8- Have a hose or water bucket READY just in case. We are playing with fire, so having a fast water source is always a good idea.

9- Always use fireworks OUTSIDE, I know this sounds like common sense but you would be surprised how many people light them inside a garage or other indoor spaces.

10- Always point fireworks away from homes,  and people, never hold them above your head as the sparks falling may catch your hair on fire.

11- Never try to light a “dud” you never know when it might finally go off and if you are holding it or if it is near your face it would be very dangerous.


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  3. I did this one year and the cups melted, I have older kids (preteens) and they freaked out about the cup melting and refuse to use them like that again

  4. Spras landed on the cup and it did not melt… but if they had landed on my kids hand I am sure they would have hurt. SO yet it is not 100% effective but still better than nothing

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