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American Girl Books 90 percent off, huge sale time to stock up. Christmas is just around the corner tween or teen gift ideas,12 American Girl Kindle Books  have all been marked down to $.99 each, that is 90% off (was $9.99). This is such a great deal, might as well stock up!  HURRY before the price goes back up. These would be great rewards to offer your daughter for doing good on school work or keeping her room clean all week. Offer her a great new book to read as a special surprise!

We bought my daughter a Kindle 2 years ago because she LOVES to read and her room was literally filling with books.  I love it when I can find her great deals on Kindle books and was can stock up at the low price ( best part is they don’t take up any space in her room).

Remember you don’t have to have a Kindle to read these, these are digital so you can read them on your PC or iPad.  You can download Kindle for your PC here then you can read it on your home computer.
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Grace (American Girl)

Nine-year-old GOTY is always thinking up big ideas, like starting a business with her friends over the summer! When Mom announces a trip to Paris instead, GOTY gets on board, but it quickly seems as if none of her plans are working out the way she’d hoped. She and her French cousin aren’t getting along, and GOTY’s friends back home have started a business without her. Can she find the courage to stay open to new ideas and turn the summer around?

Grace Stirs it Up (American Girl)

Back home in Massachusetts, GOTY is excited to start a new French baking business with her friends, and to have an adorable new dog to train, too! But she quickly learns that both the business and the dog are big responsibilities, especially when her energetic pup has difficulty adjusting to her new home. GOTY does her best to give her pet what she needs to be happy. Can she also help her friends blend their unique talents, and whip up a recipe for a successful business?

Grace & Sylvie: A Recipe for Family

Read about Grace’s trip to Paris from her cousin’s point of view! Sylvie’s excited that her American cousin is coming to Paris. But Grace’s summer visit is just one of many changes for Sylvie. Her maman is having a baby soon, and Sylvie isn’t sure how she’ll fit into her family once le bébé is born. Papa is so busy at their bakery, La Pâtisserie, that he doesn’t have much time for her–even when she helps him decorate pastries. When Grace arrives, Sylvie discovers that her cousin doesn’t speak French, and Sylvie’s too shy to try speaking English. What can Sylvie do to fix her family troubles?

Danger in Paris: A Samantha Mystery (American Girl Beforever Mysteries)

Samantha and Nellie are thrilled to visit Paris with Grandmary and the Admiral! But what could be behind the Admiral’s secret government meetings? After a suspicious accident and a break-in at their hotel suite, the girls are worried. Is someone trying to harm their beloved grandfather and stop his secret mission? Includes a glossary of French words and an Inside Samantha’s World essay about tourism and international tensions in Europe in the early 1900s.

The Smuggler’s Secrets: A Caroline Mystery (American Girl Beforever Mysteries)

The War of 1812 is still raging when Caroline goes to visit her cousin Lydia and Uncle Aaron’s farm deep in the woods. While there, she finds evidence that someone is smuggling precious supplies to the British. She can’t believe anyone would help the enemy during wartime! Even worse: could the traitor be her own uncle? Includes an Inside Caroline’s World essay about smuggling during the War of 1812

The Jazzman’s Trumpet: A Kit Mystery (American Girl Beforever Mysteries)

Kit can hardly believe her luck when she wins tickets to a sold-out jazz concert, and a chance to write a news story about it! But when sinister pranks threaten to cancel the show, Kit’s research turns into an investigation. Then a valuable trumpet goes missing, and Kit herself is accused of theft. Can Kit prove her innocence and put a stop to the mayhem before the real thief sends the band packing? Includes an Inside Kit’s World essay about the popularity of jazz and swing music during the Depression.

A Growing Suspicion: A Rebecca Mystery (American Girl Beforever Mysteries)
Rebecca and Ana are spending spring vacation volunteering at a Japanese garden in Brooklyn. Rebecca is enchanted by the lush landscape of ferns and waterfalls, the exotic orchids, and the gardener’s beautiful wife. Yet everything Rebecca does there turns out wrong. Someone seems determined to damage the garden and to cast suspicion on her and Ana. Can Rebecca find the real culprit before the girls are banished from the garden for good? Includes an Inside Rebecca’s World essay on urban gardening and public botanical gardens in the early 20th century.

The Puzzle of the Paper Daughter: A Julie Mystery (American Girl: Julie Mysteries)
When Julie discovers a mysterious note written in Chinese, she brings it to her friend Ivy to translate. The note speaks of a story from long ago, but doesn’t quite make sense. Julie suspects it may be written in a secret code. That night, the girls’ beloved dolls are stolen. As Julie and Ivy search Chinatown, they decipher clues in the note that seem to link the stolen dolls to a long-lost friendship, and maybe a long-lost treasure. Can they unravel the secrets of the past before the thief does? Includes an Inside Julie’s World essay about Chinese immigration in the early 20th century.

The Silent Stranger: A Kaya Mystery (American Girl Beforever Mysteries)
Kaya’s village is preparing for winter when an injured stranger arrives. She doesn’t speak, and no one seems able to reach her but Kaya’s beloved dog, Tatlo. Kaya searches for clues, but she must also look deep inside her own heart to truly understand. Who is this stranger, and why is she so silent and alone? Includes a glossary of Nez Perce words and an Inside Kaya’s World essay about Nez Perce culture.

Secrets in the Hills: A Josefina Mystery (American Girl Beforever Mysteries)

Josefina has heard tales and legends all her life: rumors of gold and silver buried in the hills, and even stories of a ghostly Weeping Woman who haunts the countryside. She never imagined that such tales might be true until the day a mysterious stranger arrives at her rancho. Could all these stories lead to the discovery of a long-lost treasure or a terrifying omen? Includes a glossary of Spanish words and an Inside Josefina’s World essay about New Mexican legends.

Shadows on Society Hill: An Addy Mystery (American Girl: Addy Mysteries)

Addy is overjoyed when Poppa’s new boss offers the Walker family a home of their own on his property in Philadelphia’s elegant Society Hill neighborhood. But Addy soon discovers that their new home holds frightening secrets, and one leads straight back to the North Carolina plantation where she and her family were slaves only two years before. Can Addy uncover the truth before her family loses everything, even with someone determined to stop her? Includes an Inside Addy’s World essay about reconstruction after the Civil War.

A Smart Girl’s Guide: Staying Home Alone (Smart Girl’s Guides)

This popular book is now updated with new illustrations and advice that will help you feel confident and in control when you’re home alone. It includes boredom busters, fun-for-one ideas, quizzes, neighborhood know-how, snack recipes, safety tips, first-aid information, and sibling survival secrets. Plus, this girl-friendly guide features a handy tear-out booklet for keeping track of important information and house rules.

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