2 Liter Bottle Stick Horse ~ DIY Up-Cycle Craft For Kids


My Mom is super crafty and she can make something fun out of just about anything!   This summer she was in charge of our big family reunion and wanted to be able to make crafts with the kids on a limited budget.  That is when she came up with the idea to make a stick horse out of an empty 2 liter soda bottle.  Below is what she posted on her Ashbees Crafts  facebook page. 

Do you have a bunch of empty soda bottles and wonder what to do with the bottles? I like to recycle but it is such a hassle that usually I just throw the bottle away. Or fill it with water for my water storage. Here is a fun idea on how take a pop bottle and recycle it into a cute stick horse. Great for cowboy parties or a cowboy theme Family Reunion.

 Can you see my idea starting to take shape, the horse in the making. First spray the bottle the color you want your horse to be. I just used grey primer on this bottle. But on the other horse I used  cheap brown paint from Walmart.
 I cut out some ears, two layers and glued them to the top of the head. Then I torn strips of some old fabric I had on hand for the mane. I inserted the stick and put a screw from the back into the stick. Then I tied the bangs to the screw. I tied the rest of the strips around the back part for the mane. Glued on the eyes and with a black marker drew some eyelashes and nostrils.

There you go, simple and fun. Be sure to visit my store Ashbees Crafts  for more ideas!

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