20 Holiday cards with envelopes for under 2 dollars

mmmmmmRight now you can get 20 holiday cards for only $1.99. They already come with 20 free blank envelopes.CLICK HERE


Once you complete your editing of all the text you want to include on the inside, and outside (free) you can approve the image and then continue to check out, BUT close out of the page completely at that point. Don’t worry, click here again and pick another or do the same. Do this for each set of 20 that you want. It saves you money on shipping. We always pick the slower 21 day shipping  (around $4-$7), because its cheaper and it usually only takes 5-7 days to get it.

Now for addition upload fee of $2.49 you can add a family photo to your print of 20 cards! Here are the examples of what we did. So Click here to get started





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