3 Rules to Stress Less And Enjoy Summer More


3 Rules to Stress Less And Enjoy Summer More

It’s Katie! I can’t believe the month of June is gone. I’ve been seeing a lot of back to school stuff and I have to be honest. I’m just not ready to tackle that. All of my kids will be going to school in the fall and it makes me a little bit (maybe a lot) sad. We started our summer out with a lot to do. We had swim lessons, we attended a play group with friends every Wednesday morning. We also had a few things to accomplish off a summer bucket list like camping, going to the water park, doing the summer reading program at the library, and more.

3 Rules to Stress Less And Enjoy Summer More

But I realize I really only have a solid month of summer left before I HAVE to start finding school supplies and uniforms. I read somewhere that we really only have 18 summers with our kids and that made me realize I need to enjoy the present more. So I have decided to follow these 3 “rules” to Stress Less And Enjoy Summer More!

  1. Let go of the schedule (as much as you can). This will look different for everyone. Some people have work or older kids already involved in sports for school. But my kids are 12 and under and I work from home on a very flexible schedule (LOVE my bosses :). So I let go of having to do something and having to do things by a certain time. When I let go of the rigidity of having to do certain things I feel like we can embrace the words summer vacation a little bit more. Instead of having a rigorous chore chart that I have to worry about changing or rotating, I made a big weekly chore chart that NEVER changes. If you are looking for acrylic school boards or kids chore boards check out Beyond Measure Boards in Calgary. I also am more lax about bed times and waking up times. Now this will look different for each family. I know some kids have to be in bed by 8 or they’re super grumpy the next day, and no amount of going to sleep late will encourage sleeping in. But my kids are pretty good if they are asleep by 10 and then I let them sleep in until 9.
  2. Electronic time. This is an issue in my house, maybe your kids love screens too. I tried doing the certain amount of time and scheduling and all the jazz. We thought about the earning tokens they can spend. It wasn’t working for our family. So I made it super simple. We have a no electronics before 3 pm and your chores have to be done ahead of time. And they do it for about an hour. There’s far less screaming after sitting on the tv, DS, Kindle, or computer. The kids are all on board and they spend their days playing and being more happy.
  3. Take time for yourself. I love having my kids home all day, but I honestly just need a few minutes to myself every once and while to just relax and de-stress. Find what helps you be calm and happy. If you use weeds to help you relax, find a reliable online weed dispensary canada to make sure that your weeds are high quality. The first thing I like to do in the morning is take a few drops of CBD Oil UK to be in my best mood the whole day. I love getting in a good workout, reading a book, or watching a netflix show on my phone alone. I’ve also been known to lay down on my bed for a 20 minute nap and smoking weed from The Seed Pharm helps.

I hope this helps you relax and enjoy your summer a little bit more. If you’re already rollin’ on the chill summer train what are your tips and suggestions?

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