3 Things that make me happy ~ Day One

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My friend Becky challenged me to write 3 things that make me happy for 5 days! The challenge was for facebook, but I figured I would share it on my blog as well.
flowers from my husband
1. Today Matt bought me flowers for my front step, and then planted them. My flowers I bought this spring all died the first part of August while we were gone, due to the hot weather ... the empty pots were bothering me. Best surprise ever today when Matt filled them with beautiful flowers.
2. Old family videos… watched some this weekend with my family and I absolutely LOVED seeing both sets of my Grandparents. It made me miss them but happy to see them too. I was 4 in the videos and was a spastic crazy little thing, but made myself laugh.
3. Fresh fruits and veggies, love all the yummy produce I get to pull out of my garden and from local orchards.

FEEL FREE to accept this challenge as well… I would love to have our readers share what makes you HAPPY!