4gb MP3 player with screen, radio, plays all media – Perfect Christmas Gift

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SanDisk MP3SanDisk Sansa Clip+ 4 GB MP3 Player

Normally around $50 – Right now you can get this for as low as $29.99 and free shipping options

  • 1-Inch OLED Display Screen
  • One of the best sounding MP3 players out there, for stunning audio quality
  • Digital FM tuner with 40 presets for listening to sports, your favorite music station
  • Long-life, rechargeable battery with up to 15 hours of continuous playback
  • Built-in microphone to record your thoughts on the go.
  • Supports MP3, WMA, secure WMA, Audible, Ogg Vorbis, FLAC, plus audio books

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  1. I was in Woodbridge for 4 years. Great town – I miss it. After that, I was on the MD side of DC for 8 years. I pine for DC sometimes, but I’m happy to be back home in CT now.

  2. we should pay you to do reviews for us! that was awesome thanks 🙂 (matt used to live in DC,all over, annandale, woodbridge, winchester, Arlington was his fav..

  3. I LOVE my Sansa Clip! I used to commute into DC for 3-5 hours per day and this saved my sanity. Although I do have some music on it, I mainly used it to download audio books to listen to on the bus and subway. They are easy to download for free from the library website (check with your library for availability) right from my home computer. The unit is about the size of a matchbook and it weighs about the same! It was much better than toting heavy/bulky stuff around (which can be a hassle on crowded public transportation), and I could read (okay, “listen”) while transferring, walking down city streets, or standing at bus stops. You can even listen to FM radio on it. I no longer live in the DC area, but I still use it to listen to books and music around the house or on walks. I even have it on my bedside to listen to guided meditations, white noise, or nature recordings as I drift off to sleep. You can hook speakers up to the same jack that you would plug your earphones into.

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