7 Affordable Ways to Celebrate Valentines Day

7 Affordable Ways to Celebrate Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day is about a week away… Have you made plans to celebrate your love with your sweetheart?

Hey all, it’s Katie. Even if you don’t love Valentine’s Day I think it’s so important to celebrate and make time for your relationship with your spouse. You can have fun romantic time on Valentine’s Day without doing the typical dinner and movie.

Here are 7 affordable ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day or a date night!

  1. Recreate your favorite date. Think back to when your were dating or the early dates in your relationship. Is there one that stands out? A place where you shared your first kiss, where you first said I love you, where you met, where the proposal happened. Get creative and recreate or visit this special place together.
  2. Dine-in. Share a special night in together. Get someone to watch the kids. Can’t afford a sitter and no family nearby? If your kids are young you can do this after they are in bed or trade date night sitting with your friends. Cook your sweetheart’s favorite dinner and light some candles. Make this more special by decorating the room and table, make sure you take the time to shower and dress nice 😉
  3. Paint night in. You can buy paints and canvases from Michael’s and Hobby Lobby with coupons to save money. Turn on you tube and find a painting tutorial. Bob Ross has some great ones like this one. And paint together!
  4. Take a hike or walk or go on a bike ride together. This one is FREE! Spend time together in nature. Exercise releases dopamine and makes you feel happy.
  5. Spa Night. This one is easy to do at home with what you have or very little purchases. Take a shower with your spouse and lotion afterward. Light candles to set the mood. Get the massage oil out and spend time giving each other massage.
  6. Arcade Night. Get a roll of quarters and play some games at the local arcade. Make it a complete date by getting hot chocolate or ice cream afterward.
  7. Visit a museum. Lots of museums have a free or discount day.

Bonus Idea: Volunteer together. Find a charity and spend time together helping others. Check out your local food bank or shelters. Need more volunteering ideas? Check out Just Serve. You enter your city, state or zip and there are lots of volunteer opportunities people in your community have shared and are looking for volunteers to help with.

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