7 Days of Valentines ~ 7 simple ways to make this year extra special

7 days of Valentines

Are you taking the 7 Days of Valentines Challenge?  If you complete all 7 challenges and leave a comment on the last day (February 15), you may be chosen to win a $25 movie gift card!

Read Day 1: Pucker Up, Buttercup!

Day 2: Leave a Love Note

When I was little, I would dump out my box of Valentines cards and obsess for hours over which one to give each person in my class.  “Be Mine, Valentine” was a little steamy for the boy I had a crush on, but “Happy Heart Day” didn’t quite cut it.  I had to make sure not to give anyone the wrong idea, find a special one for my best friend, and second guess what hidden meanings kids may interpret in “U R 2 Cute 2 Be 4 Gotten.”

Even then I knew that words are powerful things.  Just because we have outgrown high-drama elementary school Valentines exchanges doesn’t mean that words aren’t still an important part of romance.  Even if you are a great communicator, and frequently express your love and admiration to your spouse, there is something magical about reading those same words in a note.  Notes show effort and sincerity and can be read over and over again.  Has it been awhile since you’ve written a love note to your spouse?

Today’s challenge is to think about things you admire about your honey and let them know…in writing.  You could put it in their pocket on the way out the door, tape it to the steering wheel, glue it to a cereal box, tie it to a toothbrush, or tuck it in a lunch.  Don’t let thoughts of coordinating papers and pulling out the stamps and embossing tools slow you down.  This doesn’t have to be perfect; just jot down a couple of things you love about them.  This also doesn’t have to be reciprocated to be worthwhile.  Don’t wait for your note or expect anything in return.  Just enjoy showing your love. If you are in a long distance relationship, these bond touch bracelets can help you strengthen the relationship between you and your partner.

Words are powerful things.  Express your love, your admiration, and your gratitude often.  And sometimes, just to make sure they really know, write it down with a good old-fashioned love note.


  1. cant leave love notes b/c my dogs have not learned to read yet. however, i used to leave notes in my boyfriends clothes and in his lunch that i packed so he would think of me during the day.

  2. Thank you for the wonderful ideas!  We have been married almost 15 years and we’ve been in a bit of a rut lately….it was nice to have some tips to  help us a bit!

  3. My husband leaves for work at 4:30 am and I snuck out after we were in bed and taped a note to his steering wheel. It was fun!!! and he felt special!

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