7 Days of Valentines~7 simple ways to make this year extra special (Day 3)

7 days of Valentines

Day 1: Pucker Up, Buttercup!

Day 2: Leave a Love Note

Day 3: Plan your Valentines Day Date

Today is the day to plan a Date Night for February 14 (give or take a day).  Even if you have no money, sick kids, crazy busy schedules, or a broken leg, Valentines Day is for lovers.  While strong marriages are built on small daily acts of love, it is so important to have a few days a year that powerfully communicate that your relationship is worth celebrating in a big way.   It’s time to plan!

If you can afford a night out and a babysitter, start making arrangements.  Offer to be in charge of the date, and plan a wonderful time.  Consider trading another couple for babysitting if you can’t afford one.  Maybe you could offer to watch their kids on Valentines Day if you can go out the next night.

If a date out isn’t possible, you can still have a meaningful and fun day together with a little forethought.  Here are a couple of ways to make it happen…

1. Candleight Dinner

If only your spouse works outside the home or if you arrive home first, greet them with their favorite dinner.  Feed the kids before, then send them upstairs with a new Redbox rental and special snack.  Set the table with the best you have and light a candle.  Play soft music and enjoy a dinner at home with just the two of you.

2.   Dance Night

How about a nice slow dance on Valentines after the kids are in bed?  Pull out a couple strings of Christmas Lights (if you’ve taken them down yet!) and put them up around a room where you can close the door to keep it a surprise.  Make a romantic playlist and get it all set up.  Put on your fanciest clothes and arrange yummy treats on a nice plate.  Fetch your spouse and slow dance the night away.

3. Spa Time

Light all the candles you can find, lay out a nice cozy blanket, and offer your services as the world’s best masseuse.  If you want to get all fancy, you can find some smooth stones and leave them in hot water.  Dry them off, and place on their back for a “heated stone” treatment.  Or, buy some aromatherapy oils and give your honey a great back massage.  If this isn’t your style, almost every living soul would love to get a foot rub.

Even if one of these ideas don’t fit your relationship, the point is to plan now, and plan something.  Even if you are only going to play board games, you could send an email earlier in the day with an invitation to a game night together.  Add some special treats and you’ve got a date that shows some effort. Just adding a candle, arranging a little alone time without your pint-sized sidekicks, or dressing up show that you think your spouse is worth it.

One Valentines Day, we had sick kids, no babysitter or money anyway, and I was feeling a little bummed.  My sweet hubby slipped me a note during dinner, and told me to meet him in our room after the kids were in bed.  He proceeded to give me a pedicure, foot soak and all.  It wasn’t the world’s most professional-looking polish job, but it was one of the sweetest things he has ever done.  Those experiences are like cement for me, binding us together stronger than ever.

Your task today is to PLAN for Feb. 14.  No excuses. 

Do you have something fun planned?  Share below!  Maybe someone else is looking for a great date idea!


  1. dont have anyone to plan a romantic dinner w/ except my 3 4 legged girls. however, we did have plans to go to a doggy vday event w/ costumes and games.

  2. Thank you for the wonderful ideas!  We have been married almost 15 years and we’ve been in a bit of a rut lately….it was nice to have some tips to  help us a bit!

  3. We had a free meal at Tucanos for my husband’s birthday, so we planned to use that and go have a quiet (with out kids), half price dinner together.

  4. Date night?  What’s that?!  ; )  I am in favor of the favorite meal thing, candles & all & sending the kids to bed a little early.  We’ll have to wait till the weekend, though, as hubs won’t be in town; he’s going to nephew’s wedding.  : /  Can’t afford to all go.

  5. I’m making a homemade cheesecake to go with my honey’s homemade wine!!! Plus we planned a trip to the city for a weekend in March AND I’m doing what I do best…making something he will love bc I made it and he’s a kid at heart!

  6. Build a tent in the living room where you can still see the tv and sit in it while eating junk food and watching B rated scary movies.

  7. Love these ideas! My Valentine and I won’t be able to be together this year, but it’ll be nice to do something like this when he comes back 🙂

  8. My plan is to make a nice romantic dinner at home…after the kids go to bed of course 🙂  Being a couponer, I have a ton of great food in the house and have a mission to buy only fresh meat and produce this week and use what’s in the house…including making this special meal!

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