8 Reasons you need an electric pressure cooker

8 reasons you need an electric pressure cooker, pressure cooker, cooking, tips and tricks, life hacks, food, healthy eating, meals

8 Reasons you need an electric pressure cooker

If you are on the fence about whether you should invest in these hot little pots, you are going to want to read this post. If you don’t know about these pots, let me fill you in, and then you will definitely want to grab one too.

 Electric pressure cookers have been around for a while now. They are electric, and don’t require your stove. Some of them, like my favorite the Instant pot have multiple options allowing you to customize your meal and settings more. They cook food in a fraction of the time of traditional cooking methods.

Instant Pot Multi-Functional Pressure Cooker

Instant pot

Now on to why you want to get your hands on one of these wonderful creations.

  1. As I mentioned above, electric pressure cookers cook food fast. For example, a rack of ribs would take a few hours on the grill, but it is done in 18-20 minutes and is fall off the bone tender. A whole chicken is also done start to finish in about 20 minutes as opposed to hours in a roaster.
  2. Cooking in a pressure cooker traps the heat in giving you a more even, quicker cooking time. . It goes to about 250 degrees Fahrenheit, but the steam builds up in the pot creating pressure, and holding in the heat, allowing the food to cook evenly and quickly.
  3. Saves you money on meat.  Because of the ability to keep meats so tender, you don’t have to spend the money on the more expensive cuts of meat. Buying the cheaper cuts still works great and gives you yummy dishes.
  4. More nutritious foods. Using an electric pressure cooker allows you to keep your nutrients in your food. Veggies cooked in a pressure cooker keep  most of their color, nutrients and taste compared to stove top or microwave cooking. This is due to a couple of factors. Cooking them in the pot means they require less liquid so you aren’t losing your flavor in the water. The evaporation is next to none because of the sealed top, so you don’t lose them that way either. They are also cooked so quickly in the pressure cooker that there is very little time for those nutrients to leak out, as they would being cooked in other methods. Plus, the food is being cooked in a more natural way then being put in a microwave.
  5. Faster than ordering pizza or takeout. No more excuse that you don’t have time to get a healthy, home cooked meal on the table because you forgot to thaw something out before you left for the day. You can pressure cook frozen meats too. This will save you on takeout foods and your health will thank you. Frozen or thawed, your dinner will be on the table before the pizza is even delivered.
  6. Don’t heat up your house this summer by using the oven! This might be my favorite reason for using my favorite kitchen tool of all of them. I cook for my family most nights, but it is hard to do so when turning on the oven heats the whole house up. I am not a fan of many crock pot dishes, so that isn’t my favorite method. But in the pressure cooker, I can cook something tasty up without heating up the whole house or standing over a hot stove top.
  7. With the options out there, there is a pressure cooker for everyone. Between the sizes (average is a 5-6 qt but you can get them up to 8 qt), features and brands, there is something for every budget, family size or taste.
  8. You can use it for virtually everything. From hard boiled eggs that peel like a dream and are done in a few minutes, to cheesecake that is rich, decadent and ready to eat in no time, the possibilities are practically endless. If you can cook it, chances are it can be adapted (or you can find an adaptation someone else has already done for you online) to work in an electric pressure cooker.

I use my pot at least 3 times a week most weeks. The only complaint I have is that I don’t have two of them to cook my main dish and sides at the same time. But that will be remedied soon.


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