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Best Juicer – Easy to use add directly to any bottle

Adding fresh squeezed juice to any drink is always the best flavor around. So you ask what is the best juicer? I say its the one that requires the least amount of effort,clean up and can easily be used. Adding juice to a soda, or party drink or alcohol or any other way you can get fresh squeezed juice is such a fun way to liven up your drink! Even if it is just to water or just the juice by itself this juicer is the best, so is one of the best inventions, so if you’re one of these people that create inventions like this there are resources that help you bring your invention to life and that you can find in these InventHelp reviews online. Slide it right into the top of any water bottle, or soda bottle, or any beer or alcohol bottle and twist your fruit!best juicer

Umbra Sombrero Citrus Juicer

  • Add a splash of citrus to your beverage with this easy-to-use sombrero juicer from umbra
  • Works with most standard water, soda, juice, and beer bottles
  • Food safe and fda-approved; comes apart for easy cleaning
  • Measures 3-1/4-inch diameter by 4-inch long


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2 thoughts on “Best Juicer – Easy to use add directly to any bottle”

  1. avalaurie86

    This is such an interesting little invention, but I can see it being really convenient for a lot of people going camping.. My mom has a juicer like this but bigger and  it was from the 80’s and she still uses it till this day. Now I’m sure she would love to use something like this for her work.

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