A first for one of our Readers

One of our very first readers emailed us this great trip at the store that she had.
At first she was so willing but like us all had a difficult time grasping all of these new shopping methods. But persistence, starting small, and following our Thrifty Tips she was able to pull off a large trip of thrifty deals. Just to show that even though it may be difficult to figure all of this out, you too can get deals like this. Here’s what she did:
I paid $19.03 out of pocket for all this! (in 4 transactions) Here is what I got:

Pringles (6 cans) — 9 cents each
McCormick Grinders (3) — FREE
Steamfresh vegetables (9 bags) — 33 cents each
Milk (6 gallons) — $1.67 per gallon
Croissants (Not Pictured ; 2 pks of 4) — $2.99
Kraft Promo items — $2.50 … includes:
Planters nut rolls (2 boxes)
South Beach Bars (2 boxes)
100 Calorie Bars (2 boxes)
Wheat Thins (2 boxes)
Bagelfuls (2 boxes)

This was just too fun not to share! 🙂


Good job for being so Thrifty!

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