Q&A- Is my Sunday insert missing coupons?

Question:Do you have any idea why the Smart Source that you receive and the one that I receive from the Idaho Statesman would differ in what coupons they have? I searched my Smart Source coupon books (several of them in fact just to make sure) and could never find the coupon for $4 off of the Schick razor that you bought at Walgreens. I am very confused by this and have been before as this isn’t the first time I haven’t been able to find a coupon in the same insert that you had mentioned.

Answer: Not all areas get the same inserts.  For example today I only got one insert the Smart Source.  But someone in New York who got the Smart Source may have the same insert BUT with more or less coupons than mine.  As far as I can tell  my two local papers they get the same inserts, and the same coupons in those inserts.  But I preview the master insert list…….and many of those coupons are not in my local inserts.   I have readers all over so I go ahead and list coupons that will be in other areas inserts, even if they are not in mine.  So to answer the question above I personal did not get the $4 Schick razor coupon, it was not in my insert but it WAS in many other inserts across the USA. 

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