A Thrifty Mom is growing


When I started my blog I first called it Thrifty Idaho.  But my husband encouraged me to think outside the box and realize that people outside of just “Idaho” may want thrifty tips.   I could not wrap my mind around anyone reading my blog…..especially outside of my family and friends right here in Idaho.  Well my husband was RIGHT, people actually  read my blog.  ( still hard for me to wrap my brain around)  We have an average of 5,400 page views a day, 80% of those are from outside of Idaho!  I am asked daily to find deals that  will help people all across the USA.  So I have decided to not only list my local deals.  Now in addition I will also be listing other stores all across the country.  I have a group of Lady’s that will be sharing their local deals with me, and I will post   their info and their site with you.   I think this will be a great addition to my site, helping even more people.  Don’t worry Idaho I will still have ALL my local thrifty deals!  

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