Walgreens ?????

These are just 2 of the emails I got this weekend asking me about Register Rewards at Walgreens.
Angie said…

I was at a Walgreens in Meridian today talking to some of the cashiers about the catalinas. They told me that you will no longer be able to use a catalina to “pay” for items if you are expecting to get a catalina on that purchase. They said it was new programming and it was something that just started. Have you heard anything about this from your Walgreens?

Joanne said…I have been following your blogs a lot. I went to Walgreens today and they said that if you use a coupon for an item, you will not get register rewards for that item. This happened to me and it never printed any out. They said it was due to the coupons. Is that what you have found to be true in your Walgreens?

I have called Walgreens Customer service and they said that their store Policy HAS NOT changed and you should still be able to use a catalina or a coupon and have a Register Reward print ( as long as either one of them does not prohibit the use of them together) I am not able to get this in writing, so it makes it hard for you as a customer if this does happen, to stand up for yourself. BUT if this does happen please ask for a manager, if it still is not resolved call customer service 1-800-925-4733 and hopefully all the stores will have a unified coupon acceptance. The manger does have the right to limit the quanity of items you buy, but as far as I understand it is Walgreens that programs the conditions on the Register Rewards ( so it should not be up to one store or one manager to change this)  I wish I had a better answer for you all, but being that it was not my “issue” customer service is able to help me much!

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