Activities to do with kids ~ Cornstarch Gak Recipe

I still remember the first time I played with “gak” when I was a kid.  I was instantly in love and played with it for HOURS!  If you are not familiar with gak, it is simply cornstarch and water… a budget friendly safe, non toxic way for your kids to have fun.  It is a liquid and a solid all at the same time.  When you move your can quickly thru it you can literally break a piece off… when you move your hand slowly it is liquid.

To make a batch just add 1/2 water to 1 cup corn starch in a bowl…  and have some fun!

My kids made some with their friend the other day and they could not stop giggling.  It is a pretty quick way to be the “Fun Mom” so give it a try!  Easy clean up as well.. or better yet send them outside with it!

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  1. This is actually called Oobleck, what people call Gak was made from liquid cornstorch and elmer’s glue.

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