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texturing the walls

Those of you who have followed our site for a few years know we bought an older home 3 years ago and are slowly remodeling it.   This weekend we took on the HUGE task of re-texturing the whole house.  This is not an easy job and  a messy one too.  Most our house is covered in plastic sheeting to try and keep the fine white plaster dust off everything.

plasticMatt has been doing most the work himself but this job was bigger than most so my little brother and his wife (and their 4 little ones) came over and spent the day helping us.  The kids had a blast playing, but they helped when they could.  With the hard work and dedication from everyone we were able to get it all textured in one day!  We still have to sand and paint but we got big chunk of the work done in one day! Not sure if you have ever read the book the The 5 Love Languages , acts of service is my love language… and I defiantly felt loved yesterday! Growing up my little brother and I fought REALLY bad, I could hardly stand to be in the same room as him.  But now that we are both grown we get along great … funny how time changes things.

texturing the walls

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