Ahh the power of Duct tape…

IMG_6561I got this question in my inbox yesterday…

I recently started clippin my coupon inserts and using a binder. I am
using the baseball card holders to organize the coupons but I am
having a problem. The plastic sheets keep coming out of the rings.
Most of the time the pages are only being held by the middle ring! Do
you have this problem? Any ideas on how I can keep the sheets from
coming out? Thanks!

I had to laugh a little, because I have the same trouble.  I wish I had some magical coupon wand to make the problem go away….but instead I just grabbed a big ole roll of Duct Tape ( a farmers best friend, after all I am still a farm girl at heart)  and I taped the rings together.  Fixed the issue and I have not had anymore trouble.  Other than the fact that my binder looks a little bit like it should be on the Red and Green comedy show.

Have any of you had this trouble and how did you fix it?

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