Albertsons Thrifty deals

Before sale price,?coupons or?discount this would have cost $120.79 +tax?
With sale prices Albertsons preferred card it rang up at $71
After coupons, I paid $20.71
Plus I got back a $10?Catalina?to spend on my next shopping trip

The Idaho Statesman (one of our local papers), called and wanted to do a story on my blog. ?It will run ?Saturday March 6th, they asked to do a photo of me shopping at my favorite store. ?So of course I went to Albertsons ( Ya I love my local Albertsons) ?They are super coupon friendly and love helping me get THRIFTY deals. ?That being said it was really crazy trying to shop with a camera man clicking away, and people in the store looking at me like we were nuts. ?Being that I was a little distracted, I made a few mistakes. ?Yes even I goof up on my coupons. ?I bought the wrong brand juice so it was not on sale, and I forgot to buy 20 rice a roni products to get my $5 catalina back. ?I forgot to use my yogurt coupons……but even with that I got some really great deals! Thanks to Albertsons! ?Here are the links to the prices details from posts I did earlier this week.
Rice a Roni click here
Colgate toothpaste click here
All other items click here
After I used the coupons listed in these posts, I also used $33.50 in Catalina coupons from 2 weeks ago.

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