An early morning trip to the ER ~ Wordless Wednesday

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Yesterday we had an early morning trip to the ER.

I awoke to that awful “gurgling” noise that my son Matthew  makes when he is not able to breath right while in a seizure. It is so quiet I am not sure how or why I  wake up to it, but I do…. I feel so blessed that Heavenly Father has helped me be in tune enough to him that I seem to awake to it. I found him unresponsive, dusky blue, moaning and seizing in his bed. A sight that I can never get use to, no matter how many times I see it.

We gave him the rectal medication to pull him out of the seizure, but it did not work this time, after waiting over 10 minutes ( not knowing how long he had been in it before I awoke) I sent him into the cold, dark rainy morning, wrapped in Matts arms to the ER. Thankfully my good friend lives right behind me and welcomed my other 3 little ones for an early morning visit, so I could meet Matt at the hospital.

I thought for sure he would we “out” of the seizure by the time I got there… but when I got to the hospital he was still not responsive and his left side had no movement. Slowly over the next hour he came too. Once awake he wanted to go to school (silly boy) smile. I took him home around 9 am and got him to take a nap with me till about 11:30.  He is still tired but doing better… thanks for all your prayers for our little super hero!

(This picture was taken after he had come out of the seizure and had fallen asleep)

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