The blessings of being A Thrifty Mom

When we were first married, my husband Matt and I both worked. Yet with 2 pay checks we still barely made just enough to pay our bills. We had a weekly grocery budget of $15, I tried to be creative and make what little we had stretch. Yes we ate a lot of potatoes, rice, and Mac and Cheese. I worked up till the day before I had my son. Still not knowing if I should quit my job, and loose that 2nd income. When our son was born, we found out he was missing half of his heart (Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome). Our whole world changed with in a single moment. My decision was easy, I would quit my job and care for my fragile son, and nothing else mattered. For three years, he was in and out of hospitals all over the Western States. We were then blessed, because Matt got a better paying job. When we did stay in the hospital for months at a time, total strangers would bring care baskets full of food and supplies. It was the kindness of others that helped us make ends meet. It is a humbling thing to have others give you help. Since then I have always looked for a way to give back, a way to pay it forward to others.
A few years ago I decided to try and learn a new way to shop. Never knowing what an impact it would have, coupons have blessed my family to be able to have all we need and more. This last week I have been able to get over $60 of items for free ( see photo above). My family already has plenty of these items, so why did I buy them? I will be dropping these off at a local Ronald McDonald House, a place that helped us and gave us a place to sleep when Matthew was in the hospital. I can’t tell you how good it feels to give back. This past week I was also able to get several items for free at Albertsons, I did not need them for for myself, but I went ahead and picked them up and gave them to a family who is struggling. Being A Thrifty Mom is truly a blessing!

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