Are you in a Coupon funk?

I am reposting this, because it seems to be one of the most commonly asked questions.


Question from one of my readers

I  have a question for every couponer out there. Do you ever get sick of couponing? I’m s a stay at home mother of 3 and I’ve been couponing for about a year now and I’m starting to hate it. I have two weeks of inserts not cut and I haven’t even looked through yet. Am I in a coupon funk? I use to love clipping and organizing and seeing all my savings but now I’m loathing going to the supermarket. Has anyone ever gone through this before?


YES YES YES!!!!  As much as I love couponing even I get sick of it sometimes, here a few tips:

It’s ok to miss a sale–  If you are like me you get a little rush every time you get a Thrifty deal.   But it is best to take it slow, pick your top “Thrifty Deals” for the week and just try to snag those sale items.

Only shop 1 or 2 stores- It is FUN to get the hot item of the week at each store, but if you run to every store that offers a good deal you may have an awesome stockpile…but you WILL hit coupon burn out way to fast!

Don’t get behind on your clipping– I have to admit that clipping and putting away my coupons is my LEAST favorite job.  But it should only take  30-60 min each week to do this.  To view my video on how I clip my coupons  click here…the only thing I do different now is staple them together before I cut them.  If you do get really behind it is OK to just leave those weeks uncut…and start fresh ( you can always go back just clip the ones you need, but that way it is not so overwhelming)

Take a break–  Yes I said it is OK to take a break. (but still check in my blog…wink)  Before I wrote my blog I would  take a few weeks off from couponing when life just got too busy.  Live off your stock pile for a bit, that is what is there for right!  All it takes is one trip to the store and paying FULL price for a cart of things I know I can get for free to get me excited to coupon again…but the break is nice.

Count your savings–  Keep track of how much you are really saving.  That is why I do my weekly budget review, it helps me see the big picture of how much I really save.  It makes me feel like my hard work is really paying off…and yes proud of what I have done. It gives me the energy to keep it up!

Save for something fun–  Take the money you are saving from couponing and put it towards something fun.  Like a surprise family trip.  Start out saving for something small like going to the movies,  or night out with your hubby… so you can reap the rewards of saving.

Get a coupon buddy– I know lots of people shop with a friend, it is fun to hang out with your girl friends and save at the same time.  OR I know some people coupon with a “buddy” ….you shop one week and your buddy shops the next week and share the weeks savings.  That way you never miss out on the sale, but you only have to shop every other week.

What are your feelings on this….and what tips do you have?   Would love to hear from you all!

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