Army Men Cupcakes ~ Boy Birthday Cupcakes Ideas

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This is a REPOST from two years ago… my friend was looking for the photos and asked me to re-list it… so HERE it is lol.


My son had his Birthday 2 weeks ago and he wanted COOL cupcakes.  Problem is his Birthday is right before Thanksgiving a REALLY busy time of year.  I wanted something fast and easy.. but fun too. That is when I came up with Army Men Cupcakes idea, he loves to play with these little figures so why not make them the center of his party.  Best part is… You can pick up a bag of 40 of them for $1.00 at Walmart!

I iced the cupcakes with chocolate frosting and then rolled them in chocolate chip cookie crumbs that I mashed up in a bowl. I let him put the plastic army guys on top.  Simple as that we had 40 adorable cupcakes and a very happy Birthday Boy!