Automatic Hair Curling Curler Ceramic Roller Wave Machine Styler with 15% off discount code

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pink hair curler

Automatic Hair Curling Curler Ceramic Roller Wave Machine Styler with 15% off discount code

The folks at LuckyFine sent me this curler for my honest review. I was not paid and all opinions are my own.  I have been wanting to try one of these curler for awhile now. But I have been watching the price waiting for them to go down. See how to get it super cheap plus 15% off at the bottom of this post.

I was a little timid to try this curler since it does automatically wrap your hair up, and curl it without needing any shampoos and conditioners for weaves.  After all  as a child of the 80’s I got my hair stuck in a few hot curling irons and would have to run to my Mom and have her try to get it out. My first attempt at using it went very well.  My curls looked great and lasted 2 full days.  I really liked that it has a temperature control option, I went ahead and used it on my hair at full temp. But I turned it down some for my girls hair.  I did find it curled best when I used smaller sections of hair. Also adding a little heat protectant spray to the section I was about to curl seemed to help it curl faster too.

It heats up really fast which was nice, since I like to get in and out of the bathroom as soon as I can when getting ready for the day.  I also liked that there is no exposed heat element or curling wand… so you are not near as likely to burn your finger or head!  Huge bonus since I have little girls that curl their own hair.

Final thoughts- I give this a bug thumbs up! Excited to use it again and get better at it.

Pink Hair Curler – Hair Curler LuckyFine US plug LCD Pro Salon Automatic Hair Curling Curler Ceramic Roller Wave Machine Styler Pink 

About the Product
  • LCD display, simple and convenient operation
  • Time setting 8-15s, different curling effect
  • Temperature setting 140-230?, suitable for different hair quality
  • Powerful heating system, ready to use in seconds
  • Curl direction control for either a uniform or natural finish(Right/Left/Auto)

black hair curler

Black Hair Curler – Hair Curler, LuckyFine LCD Pro Salon Automatic Hair Curling Curler Ceramic Roller Wave Machine Styler Black

pink curling iron promo code

Use PROMO CODE: HESM992I to get 15% off your order. Please note the price you see may vary from the image above since amazon prices change often and without notice. Promo code will expire on Aug 31st, 2016.


Watch the recorded LIVE product review

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  1. I went ahead and ordered this…and I really like it for my oldest’s thick hair!! However, it does get hot on the underside. What temp did you use it on?

  2. Thant’s great thanks for sharing the information and giving the huge discount on my products

  3. I have gotten my hair stuck so be careful using this with long hair. It only happened once and I have used it several times. Works great!

  4. I have a 7 yr old boy, and a 2 yr old girl and we found out last Wednesday I am pregnant again πŸ™‚

  5. Wasn’t being rude…she gives us advice and I was also doing the same. After seeing people comment on it.

  6. For me it’s not just my kids but my pets too they know I share…. I call it my diet

  7. It’s not even curly! Looks more like someone for to brush there hair in the morning….. you can’t even get a a curl up half the strands of hairs….

  8. Seems to take a long time, i curl my hair a lot quicker with a regular iron. Darn i hoped it worked better…

  9. ThΓ© longer you leave it on does it make it more curly? Bc it doesn’t seem to get really curly especially for you and your is on thΓ© thin side, mine is pretty thick. Would it work?

  10. Thrifty Mom please go have your brows professionally shaped. You’re going to love it.

  11. You are so funny, love that you are also an 80’s girl-still love the big hair

  12. I’ve been wanting one but wasn’t sure how good it works or how hot it gets. Thank you for sharing.

  13. I’m so glad you are sharing this. I’ve looked at em a few times but was unsure. Now I am sure I WANT THIS BAD!

  14. What is the highest setting? My hair is super thick and hard to hold curl.

  15. I have a hard time with getting curls to stay . Do the curls hold ?

  16. Why are you using the protestant spray while wet? You’re suppose to wait 5 minutes…don’t fry your hair honey

  17. Ok, I looked, and the black one says its 15 percent off, but the pink one is only 10…?

  18. I have been wanting to try this for a while so THANK YOU for doing this video!!

  19. lol oh i see it .. those are questions asked by potential buyers, answered by buyers.. not the company.. not sure what they are thinking.. cause it uses a standard US electrical plug and is written in english…

  20. I did this in like 15 minutes. The curl stayed for like 2 days. Put Aragon oil on the ends and use dry shampoo in the roots the next few days.

  21. Watching from Glendale, AZ. Thank you for all the info! Beautiful family! See you guys next live video!

  22. When I first got on here there were like 100+ peiple now there are like 70. I think they are getting bored but it’s okay because I’m still here lol

  23. Have you seen those scissors with the cutting board and knife on it? When will you do the demonstration of that! Lol

  24. I straighten my hair at 420Β° about every other day and I dont use a heat spray. Never had any problems.

  25. Please Like and Share this video to help facebook know to show it to others… thx

  26. Delayed….i was commenting on someonr earlier saying your daughter looked me!! Cant be funny now! πŸ™‚

  27. I have long thick hair and it takes
    forever to curl my hair …this looks great
    What is the discount code

  28. My mom has thin hair like you, she used to have thick hair so we always joke that us kids took her hair haha she had 3 kids my brother, my sister and me lol

  29. I have followed you blog for years and years and never caught that! Ok have fun ladies!

  30. When my mom curls my hair it takes like 30mins so maybe if I curl my hair with this it would take like 15 what do you think?

  31. Does your other daughter have shorter hair, just curious how it looks on shorter hair.

  32. I love that this doesn’t take super long. Might have to think about this for my girls. Thank you

  33. I put my hair in a ponytail and curl it in sections for a good full curl ponytail and it takes only about 5 minutes.

  34. if you want some root lift use flat iron 1st to root lift or use a good root lift product Then start to curl you will be good to go.

  35. Amanda you have to section it into small pieces about 1/2 or so. It took me about an hour to do my hair

  36. $200 bucks when you have a big family is hard to see for one thing. I know so I will definitely be getting one of these!

  37. I have straight hair but a lot of it. It’s good to put oil on the ends. It lasts 2-3 days with dry shampoo. My hair doesn’t hold curl well but it does with this

  38. Heavier than a normal straightener or about the same? I have carpal tunnel and it can hurt.

  39. I think this is easy enough for your oldest daughter to curl her own hair because If I use this it would be so easy to vurl my own hair

  40. My almost 10-year- old daughter wants one now because you say it doesn’t burn your ears! πŸ™‚

  41. Only issue with this is that you don’t really get much volume at the root with this like you would an iron.

  42. My baby cousin has flavored tooth paste and she likes to just eat it off the brush hah

  43. You’re funny, kids aren’t even fazed at your weirdness! Love it U0001f618 lol

  44. Lisa Culp didnt see anything about the product in certain countries… in the comments on it.. it says it is a USA electrical plug…

  45. It is amazing my hairs long like that and maybe my daughter will actually let me do her hair if I get that awesome.!

  46. I hate curling my hair it hurts my hands,but I think I am gonna put this on wish long-time awesome. And I love your expressions I am laughing here in NJ! Good job

  47. I have slightly thick hair, a little past my bottom. My husband uses that to curl my hair (too heavy for my hands, since I have fibromyalgia), and it only takes 30-45 minutes instead of 1 1/2 hours! He puts in a tiny bit each time, and it barely becomes caught. If it does, he releases the hair, and gently pulls on it. Never lost any hair. πŸ™‚

  48. If I get caught eating candy by my kids I tell them it has alcohol in it and they leave me alone

  49. Hubby and I snack when the kids are in bed. New meaning to midnight snack πŸ™‚

  50. Hide in the closet. “Mommy’s still picking out an outfit.” When in reality I’m sneaking a snack U0001f602

  51. Ex hairstylist here…and I have really natural curly hair, I would say this is an ok product for finer smooth hair but not for thick curly hair…just my humble opinion and years of curly hair experience

  52. A curling wand seems sooo much slimper for my hair. It’s so long and thick.

  53. I’ve used a different brand before and my hair ended up getting stuck. If your hair became stuck does it open up or does it lock in place once you put your hair inside?

  54. This would be great for the back of my head. I normally use a curling iron and always miss spots.

  55. And I just chopped 7in off my hair! Lol it’s naturally curly so I wonder if it would reduce the fuzziness! Lol hi from Ohio! πŸ™‚

  56. You are so funny cracks me up every time it sucks your hair I can’t stop laughing …..thank you for some joy today…

  57. How long do you think your hair must be for this tool? And is there a mini for shorter hair?

  58. I have always wanted to try one of those but I’m always afraid of my hair getting caught in it

  59. I’d really like to know how long the curls last. Like in Houston hot humidity.

  60. Be glad you hair isn’t naturally curly and rise like yeast in the heat. Everyone always wants what they don’t have.

  61. I have a Conair curler like this and it reverses automatically if your hair gets stuck or doesn’t wind properly! And I paid $99. Pretty cool!!

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