Automatic Motion sensing under cabinet or under bed lighting

motion sensor night bedlight motion activated ambient LED lighting with automatic shut off, single sensor Kit!

Do you ever try and sneak into the kids room to check on them with out turning on the overhead light but then trip and stumble and step on things! Or how about wanting to walk into your own bathroom at night and not turning on the light to be blinded and then turn it off to go back to bed and cant see as good as you did walking into it. This motion activated light rope will take care of all of your night time lighting needs! Place it anywhere, under the kids bed, under your cabinets, under your bed or in the closet, and it will turn on and turn off automatically.
As low as $54.58 and free shipping options

  • Light and motion sensor controls activation of ambient lighting
  • 3M glue strips allow easy mounting under beds, counters, vanities etc.
  • Also perfect for closets, hallways, bathrooms
  • Set auto shut-off timer from 30seconds to 10minutes
  • video:

automatic baseboard light motion sensor


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  1. That would totally freak my kids out if it turned on because of the furnace or some paper rustling lol

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