Awesome gift for Fathers Day

It’s Matt- my dad Charles is an Electrical engine by trade. After he got out of the Army he went to school to learn to become an engineer. In the Army he used math on paper and with his calculator he measure the trajectory of the Howitzer cannons . He was in charge of a group of cannons each 155 mm in diameter. Being around math and numbers while in the Army helped him gain a love for it to learn it as a career. Later in life he helped me design my Eagle Scout project. I made a jeopardy type electronic box that had 4 wires with push buttons for 2 teams. Each team had four members that each held a push button and then there was one extra wire with push button that cleared the board for the next question. We had it all wired with each team member had a light and each team had their own light as well of a different color. When a team answered first their team light would go on along with the team member who pressed first. On the next team the team light would cancel our and just the team member light would go on who answered first. My dad designed the electronics all by him self. We had so much fun with making that!

Dad showed me how to hunt, how to camp, how to rewire a flash light. How to rewire a table lamp. He showed me how to reload my own ammo and clean, and shoot a gun. He showed my how to choose electronics made right. He is very selective in the quality and craftsmanship of anything electronic.

One of the greatest gifts you could get your Dad, Husband, or man in your life, that Thrifty Dad recomends is the Rayovac Sportsman Xtremeâ„¢ 4W LED 3C Flashlight .

And yes I have even taken this one apart to see how it was made. I was amazed by how many LED flashlights are so small now. The bulbs are so small that if you are not familiar with them you would think that it came with out one. But trust me its there and its bright!

Try it out for your self!

And if you still have the coupons that we posted on for any Rayovac product you can get an awesome deal on this for Fathers day!

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