B.S. spells NO ~ Funny Things Kids Say

Funny things kids sayPhoto of him this weekend on Santa lap… luckily he did NOT spell no for Santa 🙂

So my four year old is at the age where he wants to show he is a BIG KID like his older brother and sisters and wants to say things that they say. They sometimes say, “I said no… N.O. spells No”. Well Maveric has picked this up and for some reason he has mixed the letters up…. so today he was playing he got upset, and at the TOP of his lungs yells BS NOOOOO…. “B.S. spells NO” ….. I was laughing so hard I could hardly talk. I kept telling him that BS does NOT spell no, but he is convinced it does.

So who played the trick on me and taught my sweet little 4 year old that BS spells NO. I am pretty sure it is just an innocent but hilarious mistake ….