My Kids say such silly things- I think she is dead…..

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Matt left for a 50 mile hike with the boy scouts from our church this week.  Which has left me playing the role of single mom and full time blog writer all week.  Early morning and late nights with few breaks in between.   The other day I was so tired I just needed to sit down for a minute, but I also needed to keep my kids all in one place so I could keep an eye on them.  This called for one of my favorite “Mommy Tricks”….. time to play doctor, and Mom is the patient .  It gives me a few minutes to put my feet up and rest.  It also means I have 4  kids climbing over me like bee’s on honey (but at least I know where they are).

Never fails they totally crack me up with there diagnosis of their sick Mom.

6 year old: Shhhhh you need to speak quietly she is very sick

9 year old: Why are her eyes closed?

6 year old: She is resting she just had surgery

9 year old: Let me listen to her with my “stephiscope”

6 year old: What did you hear?

9 year old: Nothing… this is bad…. I think she is dead

3 year old: I’m your Doctor what is wrong with you?

Mommy: I think I broke my finger  can you check

3 year old: I will do an x-ray with my magic tool….bzzzzzzz bzzzzzzz bzzzzzz

Mommy: What did you find out

3 year old: Hold still it will hurt just a “wittle” bit I am going to cut it off

Mommy: Cut what off?

3 year old: Your finger… with my “bue scissors”

Even little Maveric joins in on the fun, but I make sure to keep both eyes on him… cause his favorite thing to do it  bop me on the head with this doctor tools 🙂

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