Conversation with my 3 year ~ well change the day

Funny conversation I had with my 3 year old yesterday. He just pulled up a chair next to my desk and said... what day is...

Magic for your “uuuggghhh” teeth ~ Funny things kids say

8 year old ~ Mom look at these funny teeth I found Me ~ Those are my old teeth, well a mold of my teeth...

Kids Say Such Silly Things ~ It’s a LadyTard

My two girls ages 4 and 7 are dressed in their leotards and tights.  Playing dance studio as they practice their dance routine.  As...

Kids say such silly things ~ Mommy looks like bread dough

My Kids Say Such Silly Things, learn more click here I was making Bread Sticks with my girls.  The bread had been sitting in a warm oven and...

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