Baby Swaddle Blankets ~ Gift Ideas for Baby

Muslin Baby Swaddle BlanketsMuslin Baby Swaddle Blankets

I had some of these blankets with my last baby and they were my favorite! They are lightweight and breathable which is perfect for babies in the summer.

  • 100% Cotton
  • SAFELY SWADDLE YOUR BABY TO A SOUND SLEEP:- Our Soft Swaddle are perfect to swaddle babies and newborns safely. Our Baby Blanket gives your baby the restrictive feel of womb.
  • VERSATILE MULTIPLE USE SWADDLE BLANKET:- It can be used for nursing cover, picnic blankets, nursing privacy baby blanket, burp bibs, changing table cover, stroller cover, car seat cover, and bibs.
  • SUPER SOFT MUSLIN COTTON MATERIAL:- Our Baby Swaddles are made by 100% Organic Muslin Cotton material. It is Hypoallergenic and extremely breathable, Super Soft soft to your baby’s skin. It gets even more softer after every wash.
  • GIFT PACK READY PACKAGING, CUTE PRINTS FOR BOYS AND GIRLS:- Our Swaddle come in Gift Pack Ready Box. Our Swaddles prints are cute and come in color for baby boys and baby girls.

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Gift Ideas for Baby8 Gift Ideas for Baby

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