Back to Basics part 3

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Trouble Printing Coupons? Here is a part of a larger post you can read on top of our site under the link Trouble Printing

First what we do at A Thrifty Mom is:
Copy the link address. The “…..whatever”.
And then Switch browsers! There are really only 3 to worry about.

Internet Explorer
Google Chrome – not used much, so usually it’s the top two.

Paste the code in the opposite browser and print away.

Second – what I think is the more complicated way.
Find the 2 letters and switch to a variety of other 2 letter combination’s.
A FireFox link:
Do you see the “wg” in the code… it’s red. By changing that code to a “vi” or “wi” in Internet Explorer will fix the above issues.
You can swap these codes around till it works in the particular browser you are using. If you don’t want to do what we do.
Now if you are a MAC user, on Safari, you can also replace the “wi”, “vi” or “wg” with a “xs”. Or if you see a “xs” (rare) you can replace with the above 2 letter combo’s.

Well I think just having the other browser already installed is the easiest way, but it’s up to you to choose. Hope this helps.

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