A Come to Jesus Meeting

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3037084973_c33fdd7e2bIt’s Matt – And it’s time we had a Come To Jesus Meeting. I get a little twisted when I hear about people complaining about taking too much food or items during sales. Why you may ask? Why would I be upset about people complaining that some one took too much. Well here is the reality. The last big sale that a local grocery store had on a pasta in a box sale…. You all know what I’m talking about… people were complaining about how many box’s some one took, and that some  one else took too many and so forth. Well I think its time we ALL take a step back and look at what happened.  We talked to the store manager about how almost 6000 (thousand) box’s vanished in half a day. Well he said that a rep from a local homeless food warehouse asked if they could purchase some of the pasta at the sale price….. And of coarse the gracious manager agreed. An they bought 2000. The local homeless food warehouse is now able to feed the children of Idaho healthy pasta for a long time now.

We all need to stop being so self centered and take time out to think that maybe, just maybe some one else may need that food more then I.  Now if you are reading this, yes you might be laid off, or your husband is laid off. Or maybe you are just feel broke and have no cash. BUT you still have internet, you still have a home, you still have a bed to sleep on. Granted I think our economy is slipping away into another Great Depression. But you know what, this is a learning experience for us all.

Have you ever sat down with some one who lived during the Great Depression? I have. Almost every day I take care of a senior at the hospital and we talk. I hear a lot of stories about thriftiness. About living with in a budget. The main thing I hear about is how they all HELPED each other, and loved their neighbors.  Lets make this summer, the summer we all will remember as a summer of Thrift. And a summer that we all just get along and think that maybe, just maybe some one else may need that more then I.

You guys, and girls are great. Let’s bond together and move forward and help each other. Sarah leaves coupons under products she sees in the store that she has a coupon for but knows she wouldn’t buy that item. That’s what I love about her. She is always thinking that some one else might need it more then she does. So start leaving those coupons.

Think of your neighbors. Maybe they don’t have internet like you and read our site. Maybe you have a single mom across the street with two well behaved teenage boys that are struggling to survive, like we do. Our kids love running box’s of food over to their door then running away. Try it for your self, and you will have your own Come to Jesus meeting too.

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