Batman carseat complete with cape and other carseats, coverups and piddle protector

I was surfing Facebook yesterday and came across this FaNtaStiC  Batman carseat!!!
Got me searching for it on Amazon to see what it sold for and I found all of these items!!
Maybe, just maybe the fights to get into the carseat wouldn’t have been so dramatic IF they were surrounded by Batman AND a cape!!!! Whoot!!!!

Batman booster seat
Batman Toddler Booster Car Seat ~$149.99  $159.99 & FREE shipping (limited stock)

Dale Earnherdt, jr carseatDale Combination Toddler/Booster Car Seat, Earnhardt Jr. $139.00 & FREE Shipping and Free Returns (limited stock)

Sponge Bob Combination Toddler/Booster Car Seat ~ $109.65 plus free shipping $159.35 + $19.99 shipping 
Dora the Explorer Nickelodeon Booster Seat Color/Pattern: Dora the Explorer ~ $143.99  PRICE DROP $129.00 & FREE shipping
SpongeBob SquarePants car seat coverSpongeBob SquarePants Car Seat Cover ~ $18.63  PRICE DROP $9.00 & FREE Shipping on orders over $25 (Limited stock)

Yo Gabba Gabba Car Seat Cover ~$10.39 $15.66 & FREE Shipping on orders over $25

If ONLY I had invented this!!! Needed it so very badly when my kids were young and had blow-outs in the carseat!

Kiddopotamus Deluxe PiddlePad ~ $6.05 (was $9.99) + $1.95 shipping


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Please note that Amazon prices tend to change often so prices may be higher or lower without notice.


  1. I like this one, but dora& sponge bob I found creepy. Maybe it’s I am just use to seeing batman everywhere because of my son & not the other too

  2. This is on sale through Sears for 107. I thought you may like to let your fans know. : )

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  4. Wish they had this 10 years ago!!! It would’ve been great for my son, Mike, he was the all time greatest car seat escape artist.. Being a huge batman fan this probably would’ve kept his butt in the seat 🙂

  5. Auntie Amanda Wellsandt …how many little boys in ur life NEED this??? …………………..ALL of them

  6. Wensits Derrick you need this for your future children that will come in at least 25 years from now!!!lolol

  7. Tammy Tabak-Thomson lol omg me n my husband have that same problem you just look in mirror or glance and sometimes its scarry it looks like someone is in the car

  8. I have the dora:-P its not that bad…does grab my attention from time to time that someone is in my car

  9. I’ve only seen this online, never in the store! My boys would PEE themselves if they had this!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!

  10. This looks like something my Molly would like, especially if it comes as Spider-Man!

  11. Anything that doesn’t originally come with your car seat should not be used. All those cute aftermarket things that you think are good are NOT. They can interfere with your seat and can jeopardize your child in a crash. PLEASE DO NOT USE AFTERMARKET ITEMS WITH YOUR CAR SEAT.

  12. This thing is creepy looking in real life. Even worse is the Dora the Explorer carseat I saw at Walmart. It would scare the hell out of me if I were a small kid & told to sit in there!

  13. Am I the only one that finds these seats (especially the Dora one) creepy?

  14. Kelli Pierce Shiflet, not sure if this is large enough for Connor, but still wanted to share. 🙂

  15. The Snow baby seat shouldn’t be on there, those are dangerous and will likely result in death in an accident because it doesn’t offer any protection.

  16. Lol Cody showed me this the other day! I’m so sad Memphis is too big of course he would have this lol

  17. For SOME reason it doesn’t look safe…I just can’t pin point why. I would agree though the Dora seat is out of control, my SIX year old saw it and clug to my side….

  18. WAAAAAYY better than the pscho looking Dora car seat they made! Even the Sponge Bob one freaks me out! My boys would go ‘batty’ over this! lol!

  19. LOL…I was thinking “dang that’d make an awesome video game chair for my son’s room” and then I read caption that says it’s a car seat. :O

  20. Omg lmao. Angie Cervantes ur a dork ilikedd it! To bad they dont have cool little newborn ones 😛

  21. Angie Cervantes! Look angel might like something like that lol n they got other character too 😀

  22. Gail Linderman, Gail Linderman, too bad they didn’t have this back in the day, huh

  23. If I got this, I think I would jump every time I’m alone in my car and see him in the rear view mirror!

  24. i bought this for my godson, and was surprised on how durable it is.

  25. Alyssa Hennessy, this reminded me of all your posts about how much your kids love Batman!

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