Bed Bath and Beyond tip


Thanks to my Reader Kim for this Thrifty Tip

 I got a Bed Bath and Beyond coupon in the mail today for $5 off a purchase of $15 or more.  I used this coupon a year ago to get The Swivel Sweeper As Seen on TV.  It is heaven sent.  My kids fight over who gets to use it. Who knew there was something out there to get our kids to do their chores, or at least one chore.  It has a handle that you can shorten so it is the right height for little kids.  Even Natalie started using it when she was 18 months.  It picks up everything off the floor, we use on our wood floor and Abby found out it picks up cereal off of carpet.  When I was doing hair out of the kitchen I could never get all the little hairs off the floor and when we got the Swivel Sweeper it picked up all the hair with no problem.  It is cordless and comes with a battery charger. I love it.  Target has it for $39.99 on an end cap that is for only As seen on TV products, and Bed Bath and Beyond has it for $39.99 also but you could use your $5 coupon to make it cheaper.  You can also go to the website for the swivel sweeper and it says buy one get one free, but I had a friend order this and it took 9 weeks for her to get them.

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