Bed fan with wireless remote

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Bed fan with wireless remote

Keep the temperature in your bed just where you like it with a Bed fan with wireless remote.

Bed fan with wireless remote

remote controlled fan for your bed

I am a hot sleeper. I love to stay cool when I am sleeping, luckily my hubby is on the same page as me. But that isn’t always the case. This is great for hot or cold sleepers!

  • Operating your bed fan: After initial set up of your Bed Fan, use the Remote Control to adjust the airflow for maximum comfort. 1. Press the Power Button on the Remote to turn the Bed Fan on and off. The Power Button’s icon will illuminate for 5 seconds and then shut off. 2. The REMOTE CONTROL has a variable fan speed dial. You have an infinite number of adjustments you can make for your maximum comfort. Just turn the dial clockwise to increase the air-flow, and turn it counter-clockwise to decrease the airflow.  3. The LED Power Icon will illuminate for 5 seconds when the fan is on and when you adjust the speed of the fan.
  • Wireless remote is backlit upon touch, has variable speed, and sits on the nightstand for easy-to-reach adjusting
  • Great for couples with different temperature preferences, naturally warm-bodied people, and for alleviating night sweats
  • More effective and efficient than traditional cooling methods, which only affect the air outside the sheets
  • Adjustable height that clears thick to ultra-thick mattresses on a variety of bed frames


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