Bejeweled Game ~ Candy Crush Board Game #FamilyGameNight

bejewled gameBejeweled Game

My kids LOVE Candy Crush, they think it is the best game ever.  They get to play it as a reward when they have been good…. but Granny found this  Bejeweled Game and wanted to see if they would like it too.  It is “like” a board game version of Candy Crush… best part is all 4 of my kids can play at the same time (so no fighting over who gets to play next).  I even played with the kids and thought it was fun.

I looked it up online and right now you can get your very own Bejeweled Game 

bejeweled board game, like candy crush BUT a board game. SUper fun for the whole family #candyCrush


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  1. Prices are subject to change on Amazon without notice. Even better deal then!! 🙂

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