Beneful Baked Delights $2.34 At Walmart ~ Treats For Dogs

Dogs need healthy treats, too.

Beneful Baked Delights are baked in the oven & they are “bursting with flavor”.

They have different varieties to choose from so you can find the perfect treat for you pet.

Beneful Baked Delights – $3.84 (Walmart)


Photo credit Wally World Woman  


  1. athriftymom Also Purina WAS highly respected 20 years ago, before it was bought out. Do some research for once.

  2. I’ll just unsubscribe from you, and suggest that to the many people I know who read your blog. If YOUR pet had died from this GARBAGE you’d be a little more compassionate. It’s all coming out now, you fucking moron, but instead of being on the right side of history, you decide to save someone fifty cents. You make me sick.

    So 6 dead dogs isn’t enough for you? How many is? You’re a bitch.

  3. Of the millions of dogs and animals that have eaten this food, there have been like 6 dogs that have died, and those dogs also had preexisting conditions that the owners switched TO beneful and then a day later they died.. really a day.. sooooo i understand and agree with your worry.. but the numbers havent proven its beneful and not just health issues.. third party test have shown the chemical that is FDA approved was NOT found in the dead dogs.. the chemical everyone is worried about..

  4. This food is killing dogs. Can we take just a minute from saving money to save our pets and NOT promote this crap? Thanks.

  5. familymoms Are you aware of the class action lawsuit against Beneful? It’s killing dogs!

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