Best price on Waterproof Video Camera to bring on vacation similar to GoPro style HD camera

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What waterproof camera to bring on a cruiseRecently my husband Matt and I went on a cruise. While we were casually walking around the cruise ship and in the shops around the city we were in, I noticed all of the excursion activities that would be great if you had a waterproof video camera. That could take video and also pictures underwater. And everywhere you went there were video cameras on sale there that you could pick up to bring with you on the snorkeling swim or dive. The prices on these were more then twice what they are here and online! Sure when you are on vacation sometimes you forget to bring it or just never thought about having one.

Recently we posted on a great option to get if you need an underwater camera or wanted to take video’s under water. And that it is a must cheaper option then buying the GoPro camera. The highly reviewed SJ4000 camera is just that camera. For less then $70 you can get the SJ4000 that can use all of the accessories that are even made by GoPro. Like the underwater case and mounts even. So next time you go on vacation or just out having some fun, make sure you already have the SJ4000 waterproof sport HD camera.

GoPro style camera cheaper option

SJ4000 And you can get all of these accessories with it too!

“12MP”,The picture is absolutely amazing. We compare the video quality of this camera and Gopro and they are virtually the same HD quality. Now you only pay 1/3 the price of GoPro.
“1.5 Inches LCD Display”,To control the camera this has on the back LCD display with a diagonal of 1.5 inches. It’s LED screen lets you view what the camera can see.This is great for seeing exactly what you are shooting at with out it being out of frame.
“Mini Size”,This sportscam is tiny. it’s 6cm in length, 4cm hight & 3cm width.
“Easy to Use”,Controls are minimal with an on/off/menu button on the front, an `OK’ button on the top and two up/down buttons on the side that also double up for the 4x zoom.The menu is quite in depth. You can change the resolution, use HDR, use it for motion detection; use the self timer, alter image size, select different white balance and ISO; it has exposure compensation, anti-shake, face detection, quick review, alter sharpness,etc.
“Various Accessories”,There are various clamps and stands depending on what you want to fit the camera to.
“Recharegable battery”,3.7V 900mAh rechargeable battery, for this price, this is the best of all action cameras on Amazon with the best battery life.
“32G Micro SD Card”,With a 4GB card, at top resolution it can manage about 650 shots and ten times,with that same card, it is showing over 31 minutes of recording time.

Package contents:
1 X Camera DVR
1 X Waterproof Case
1 X Case bracket
1 X Case clip
1 X Bike bracket*1
1 X Multifunctional clip
1 X Camera clip
1 X Helmet Mount
3 X Bandages
1 X Cleaning Cloth
2 X 3M sticks
1 X USB cable
1 X Stand Adapter
1 X Manual


Best price on Waterproof Video Camera to bring on vacation similar to GoPro style HD camera


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