HUGE PRICE DROP — Best Solar charger for electronics like smartphones and tablets

HUGE PRICE DROP – Best Solar phone or tablet charger

It’s Matt – Sarah’s hubby….
I recently bought this ReVIVE Solar device charger, for when we go on trips. I started looking for a good charger for our phones after being in New York and walking around using my GPS to find places to see, restaurants to eat at and meetings to attend, both of our cell phones would go dead about half way through the day. It cut our tourist time in half because we would always have to go back to the hotel to recharge our phone. So I did a lot of research. So many chargers would fail after the first phone charge session and would never hold a charge after that. After researching this ReVIVE Solar charger I decided to go ahead and buy it. And after using it many times, I have to say this device is awesome! It works so good and stores so much energy. I can charge my phone from 10% all the way to 100%, and still have left over power for a tablet charge!
Solar cellphone tablet charger

So if you are looking for the perfect charger for that person who is always on the run, hiking, skiing, or just loves to travel then this is the unit they need! Right now it is HALF off at as low as Normally $99.99 -> On sale $59.99 — PRICE DROP –> $44.99 with free shipping!

ReVIVE Backup Battery Solar Charger & 6000mAh Rugged Power Bank w/ 4W Active Charging Solar Panels for Phones , Tablets , & MP3 Players
<— this link has both the main charger and the attached solar panel, so you have two solar panels connected.  Normally $99.99 on sale  $74.95 PRICE DROP -> $49.99 and free shipping


You can save some money by buy the charger with only one solar panel. Many of the reports say that the one is just fine. ReVIVE Solar ReStore XL 4000mAh External Battery Pack w/Universal USB Charging Port & High-Efficiency Solar Panel  Normally $99.99 -> On sale $59.99 — PRICE DROP –> $44.99 with free shipping! —— This is just the main charger.
solar charger

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  1. its matt the hubby…. i personally own this – with the extra side panel.. it has saved our skin in so many places where we didnt have a charger for our phones while using them for maps! i love it.. of course i paid 2x more then it is priced at now! lol

  2. TodandGretchen Sawyer, wonder if Tod could use one on his rugged adventures…. 🙂

  3. I bought Bell and Howell solar charger and it is junk!!!. Do not buy this product. I plugger it into my computer to first charge it, and I didn’t have the right  driver installed in my computer. Now that the green light has gone off, I tried to charge my samsung galaxy 3. After 10 minutes of having my phone plugged into charge, it went from 65% to 93%. but that is as far as it will go. Why??? Why??? Why??? JUNK
    At least it does give me a charge by way of USB cord and my computer.

    • Sorry you had bad luck with the brand you bought.. but this is a ReVIVE … NOT a Bell and Howell as you had… I actually own this.. and there is no “software” or “driver” to install.. so …. it works great!!! i have owned other brands and most of them have done the same thing you had happen…
      but not this brand.. it works great!

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