Binxy Baby Shopping Cart Hammock ~ NO MORE lugging that huge car seat into the store

Binxy Baby Hammock for the Shopping cart, SHopping cart Hammock folds for easy storage and safe option with LESS bulk for your little one.Great Baby shower gift ideaBinxy Baby Shopping Cart Hammock

When your kids are little and not big enough to sit up in the shopping cart you have a few options. You can hold them in a baby sling, or put them in the cart buckled in their cart seat. But if you are kind of short like me, trying to see OVER the car seat can be a little hard. You can put the car seat inside the card but then you have NO ROOM left to put things in your cart. Plus the cart seat does not strap to anything, instead just sits up high and I am always terrified it might come off. I love how these hammock go inside the cart, they look comfortable,  wish they made them big enough for me lol.  They also fold up small enough to just tuck instead your purse for easy storage when not in use.

  • 97% Cotton
  • The Shopping Cart Hammock holds up to 50 pounds
  • Can be used with an infant car seat
  • The Shopping Cart Hammock is designed for children from birth until they can sit upright unassisted.
  • Just toss it in the wash on cold and lay it flat to dry
  • Due to the taper of shopping carts, the Hammock only fits carts facing one direction. Please install correctly.

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  1. I get the worry but why would you be far enough from your child for someone else to grab them?

  2. Sarah Faust Erwin just saw this. This may help with not taking your carrier in!

  3. I’ve always thought these were neat, but I live in an area where everyone feels like they must touch your baby. I’m too afraid random strangers will feel even more inclined to get close to my little one!

  4. I sooo wish I had this when I had babies! Carriers are NO fun to lug around! I still have phantom neck pain just thinking about it lol

  5. Scary tho……easier for someone to just grab and go with baby….too easy to carry out of store…..:(

  6. you can even use it to set the infant carseat in it safely! its on amazon

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