#BlogHer- Swiffer Dust Man watch out!

While at BlogHer last week I had the opportunity to cross the paths of several celebrity’s or people in the public eye.  Many of them had long lines of people waiting to take photos  or chat.  But none of them caught my eye like “Mr. Dust”…. I was wandering around the P&G display (ok I was looking for the Puffs with Vicks so I could blow my nose…but that is besides the point).  I watched a few people smile for a quick photo and quietly stand by “Mr. Dust” in the Swiffer 360 Duster room.

Poor guy was in his big fluffy suit and hot as all get out, that “dust”  is as hot as it looks.  Yet he kept smiling from ear to ear, and was really fun to talk to.  It came time for my photo with him and told him I  wanted to mix things up a bit and add some Swiffer products to the photos.  As you can tell we was more than willing to go along with my crazy idea.  Now if I could only figure out to to make  dusting my house this much fun.

I was laughing so hard I  almost wet my pants…..  Good thing there was a giant over sized toilet  just around the corner.  Man these folks from P&G think of everything…lol.  I will never look at the Swiffer 360 Duster commercial the same again.  This was defiantly on my top 10 favorites for BlogHer this year.

Looking for Swiffer coupons?  No worries I got ya covered, click here for $19.00 in coupons thanks to Swiffer.

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