Blooming Bath Flowers Sale ~ Best way to bath a baby EVER!!!

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sink blossumI saw these Blooming Bath flowers on pinterst a few months ago… but could not find a place to buy them. SO I was excited to find this sale.  They are so neat you put them right into your sink and then you little one sits right on top for a comfortable bath.  Brilliant idea I tell you!  Hurry sale is 2 days only!

Blooming Bath — up to 30% off
Four friends who prided themselves on being great dads is all it took for Blooming Bath to be born. When Eric, Brian, David and Tom realized that keeping a squirming, slippery baby in the sink during bath time ruined the experience, they co-founded Blooming Bath. Their plush, petal-shaped bath pillows keep wiggly little ones comfortably in the sink while looking cute to boot!


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  1. I love mine! Got it as a gift 🙂 it is really heavy after tho, so I have my husband wring it out and hang dry it. I will have to try running it through the washer & dryer

  2. Love mine and so does my baby. She is so comfy, and supported. You toss it in the washer and dryer to clean.

  3. Timothy Janssen would just need to except how amazing comfy and safe it would be 🙂

  4. Cute…I’d totally use it however I’m pretty sure Timothy would kill me if I did

  5. Well I though it looked nice and safe and comfty……sorry ladies 1st two reviews I read…NOT! Rachel Vassar , Jessica Clark

  6. I have this for my newborn and was totally excited to use it…I am super bummed to say, it isn’t good for newborns. I can see whether have more control and can semi sit up on their own and hold head better…so unless you are fine with have multiple baths for ages, I wouldn’t recommend this being your only” bath” option.

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