Pilgrim Hat Cookies~ Easy Thanksgiving Treat


Pilgrim hat cookies, #easy, #pilgrim, #hat, #cookies, #thanksgiving, #fall, #food

Pilgrim Hat Cookies~ Easy Thanksgiving Treat

Thanksgiving is a busy holiday; baking, cleaning and then visiting with those around our Thanksgiving table.  Why not create a cute, easy snack that involves no baking? why not bring the kids in and let them help make these cute treats?  Sounds like a pretty good plan, right?  Well then, lets get started!

You will need:

Fudge stripe shortbread cookies

Rolo candies

Orange icing


Really that is it.  You don’t even need a knife to spread the icing!

Begin by unwrapping your Rolo candies.  Try to avoid eating them, they are for the hats ;).

Put a small dab of icing in the center of the fudge side of your cookie

Pilgrim hat cookies, #Pilgrim, #hat, #cookies, #Thanksgiving, #food, #fall

Now attach your rolo, bottom side down, and gently press onto the dab of icing.

To create the buckle of the Pilgrim hat, I took a toothpick and put the end of it in the icing.  Then just put a dot of the icing on the front of the Rolo.  Move your toothpick through the icing to drag it into a square shape.  That’s it.  You’re done.  Seriously.  Go enjoy your holiday and get out of the kitchen!

pilgrim hat cookies, #pilgrim, #hat, #cookies, #thanksgiving, #food, #easy


  1. Also saw one reply that they used kisses and made witch hats. Great idea! What could we use for Christmas ones?? Santa, reindeer, whatever.

  2. Love, love, love this!! Thank you!! Also, would love to have more of these “time consuming” recipes. 😉

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