BoogieBulb ~ The First True Cleanable & Reusable Baby Nasal Aspirator Syringe #Baby

bulb nose sucker full of moldI know this is NASTY but have you ever wondered what might be up your bulb nose sucker….. YIKES.  My friend posted this on facebook last night and I made me think I should repost this BoogieBulb again in case any of you are having new babies and need a healthier option.

Boogie bulb reusable baby snot sucking bulb that is WASHABLE and comes apart


My 5 month old was recently sick and I have been sucking her nose out…. but I often wonder how clean they really are even after I was them out.  I LOVE the idea of one that you can open up, clean and dry to make sure it is clean.

The First True Cleanable & Reusable Baby Nasal Aspirator Syringe – Hospital Medical Grade Nose Suction – No More Wasting Countless Bulbs! – The Ultimate Baby Booger Sucker – BPA FREE – 100% Snot Sucking Satisfaction Guaranteed!

  • Hospital Grade Nose Suction Every Time You Use or your money back! 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. We also guarantee this is the best baby nasal aspirator on the market!
  • Twists apart in the middle to clean after each use. Simply twist back on after cleaning to reuse. Soft Rubber and Narrow Tip make it easier to suction the snot out of your baby’s nose.
  • Easy to clean and dry to completely eliminate mold build up. No other nasal aspirator/nose sucker on the market can guarantee you this.
  • BPA Free, Phthalate, Latex Free
  • 1 BoogieBulb replaces the need for having to buy any replacement aspirators for future use giving it a value of $100 or more! Stop wasting your money on inferior models and get yours today. Click on the Add to Cart button now!

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48 thoughts on “BoogieBulb ~ The First True Cleanable & Reusable Baby Nasal Aspirator Syringe #Baby”

  1. Sumer Barela Doherty

    Oh and if you need any chia let me know. I have a bunch that I just found in the cabinet… 😉

  2. Jessica Harris

    I’m in! Just let me know where or if you guys wanna do it here 😀

  3. Sumer Barela Doherty

    Niiiice… told Erin yesterday I’m ready for another breakfast. 😉

  4. Jessica Harris

    My inner 8 year old has been making frequent appearances lately. lol

  5. Alishia Woodall

    I guess no one ever thought to clean them out every week with bleach like I did? Of course my youngest is almost 20… But I was a germaphobe even back then.

  6. Erin Jason Borrett

    I know :/ I cringe everytime I use mine. I’m going to get a nose frita. This is encouraging me to get one asap!

  7. Natalie Terry

    Let’s just get rid of these horrible things. The nose Frida is the best thing on the market now.

  8. Alison Charbonneau

    Mine has only been used twice…. once by me and once by you. Haha. That’s so gross though!

  9. Rosalinda Gonzalez

    I sure hope people didn’t need to be told these needed to be washed often after a few uses? Hmmm…

  10. Bere Galvez-Soto

    I got an electric one so I clean it following each use and it is clear

  11. Krissa Peterson

    Finally. I have always thought that the inside of these things must be gross.

  12. Maria De Rossi Newton

    That’s what i do. I have tried one that opens for easier cleaning… not as flexible.

  13. Todd Niki Etienne

    No it doesn’t. There is a filter and you would have to such REALLY hard to even get it near the filter

  14. Todd Niki Etienne

    We love nose Frida. Our ped kept suggesting it. I finally got one and it made a HUGE difference. Plus she said it’s much less irritating to the nose than these because it’s not actually inserted thus it doesn’t cause further swelling of nasal passages

  15. Georgina M DotDizzle

    Please don’t say the snot goes in your mouth lol?! Never seen them 🙂

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